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Patient Testimoniales

“I have been seeing Dr. Lucas since he opened his doors twenty plus years ago when I was 30. My vision has changed drastically during that time. Dr. Lucas is always finding new and better products to make my ability to see better and with more convenience. I just started wearing a new contact lens that is absolutely incredible!”

Suzy Margolin

Winnetka, CA

“Dr. Lucas, I do sometimes wonder why I drive so far for my eye care. Then I realize – it’s the best, and that’s what we all want for our eyes. Thanks for all you do.”

Billie Galef

Bel Air, CA

“My relationship with Dr. Bruce Lucas began so many years ago, it is hard to remember when I was not his patient. I was “inherited” from a retiring optometrist when Dr. Lucas began his practice. At first, I was nervous about the change of doctors, but soon came to realize how lucky I was to become one of Dr. Lucas’ first patients so many years ago.

Since then, Dr. Lucas has advised and guided me through styles in glasses, the changing varieties of contact lenses and now, LASIK vision surgery. All of the generations of my family, from children to grandparents, have also joined his list of patients.

I am confident in his knowledge and expertise in maintaining the health of my eyes for the best vision possible. He has always been on the cutting edge of innovations in the eye care industry, continuously improving his knowledge and resources.

Dr. Lucas is more than an optometrist. He is a friendly, dedicated and talented doctor I trust implicitly and recommend highly. As an added benefit, he’s one hell of a joke teller!”

Phyllis Greene-Siegel

Tarzana, CA

“Dr. Lucas, my husband and I want to thank you for improving the quality of our lives! I came into your office saying, “I can’t wear contacts, and can’t see with my glasses or without them”. My presbyopia had gotten to the point that I could not even read large print without searching for my reading glasses, and did not see well with bifocals or progressive lenses. With your expertise, patience and your excellent staff, I became comfortable the very first day in putting contacts in and removing them, and left your office with full range of excellent vision. I never realized how much I had been missing by not being able to read at a glance.

My husband listened to me raving about my improved vision for several weeks and wondered if he’d ever be able to wear contact lenses. Bill had worn trifocals for years and had a severely amblyopic eye. He was told previously that contacts and even LASIK surgery were not options for him. Another call to you, with your positive, “can do” attitude, and Bill was ready to give contacts a try. When he came out of your office without his glasses, and a smile on his face, I kept asking him if he could “see”! After a couple of days, he was convinced that he could not only see well, but in many areas of his vision has what he calls “pristine vision”, even more clarity and range than with his glasses.

There is no doubt that you are one of very few optometrists or physicians who would have even attempted contacts for Bill. And, as you know, I was unable to tolerate contacts before coming to your office. The words “Thank You” do not seem adequate, but please know that we sincerely appreciate everything you have done for both of us. You have improved our lives!”

Elaine & Bill Bracciodieta

Calabasas, CA

“My friend recommended I see Dr. Lucas. I had a different doctor at the time. The quality of the exam Dr. Lucas gave me was like owning an Edsel and trading it in for a BMW. I was so impressed with Dr. Lucas, I urged the rest of my family and many of my friends to switch doctors. Thanks Dr. Lucas for taking such good care of us.”

Sue Cirillo

Winnetka, CA

“I began seeing Dr. Lucas a year ago for an eye condition that I had suffered with for over six months. Before I saw Dr. Lucas, my eyes were treated by several physicians with no improvement.

Dr. Lucas diagnosed my eye condition and treated the problem successfully. My internist was grateful to Dr. Lucas, not only for the relief that I finally experienced, but for the research information that Dr. Lucas provided to identify my eye condition.

As a Registered Nurse, I understand how important it is to have a qualified medical practitioner who you can trust. Dr. Lucas is a practitioner who I genuinely trust to make the best health decisions for me and my family. I continue to feel supported by Dr. Lucas and his medical staff. Their efforts assure me that I am receiving the most professional care possible.”

Catherine Murray

Studio City, CA